Fox In The Box

Name - Phil Dearden 


Nickname - Fizz (Many years ago)


Date of birth - 27th June 1956


Occupation - Self Employed Carpenter


Marital status - Married 


Team supported - Tottenham Hotspur


All time role model - Not found one yet


Most admired sportsperson - George Best


Other sports played - Golf


Favourite meal - Sunday Roast (Lamb)


Favourite drink - Guinness, Light and Lager


Favourite singer/group - Marvin Gaye, Rod Stewart, Eagles,

Soul & Motown


If you could invite 3 people round for dinner who would it be

- Bob Monkhouse, Jimmy Greaves, Stephen Fry


Wanted to grow up to be - Taller


I'm frightened by - Not much (Inland Revenue)


Favourite movie - Shawshank Redemption


Favourite TV programme - Only Fools & Horses

Phil Dearden