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Middlesex FA Walking Football League 2019

(West Regional)

The Middlesex FA Walking Football League was founded in January 2019.

The purpose is to provide competitive walking football for men and ladies over 50 years of age.

                          West Regional league fixtures are played at Hillingdon Sports Centre on the first Sunday of every month                               from March through to November.

2019 West Region

Spring League:

Over 50s Winners:     Cove

Runners Up:                Watford

Over 60s Winners:     Uxbridge Amblers

Runners Up:                Cove Reds

Autumn League:

Over 50s Winners:     Uxbridge Amblers Blues

Runners Up:                Hemel Hempstead

Over 60s Winners:     Cove

Runners Up:                Uxbridge Amblers

Middlesex County FA Cup:

Over 50s Winners:     Watford

Runners Up:                Bounds Green

Over 60s Winners:     Watford

Runners Up:                Cove

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