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Fox In The Box

Name - Paul Vinton


Nickname - None


Date of birth - 30th September 1957


Occupation - Retired Civil Servant (Dept of Work & Pensions)


Marital status - Married 


Team supported - Arsenal and Edgeware Town


All time role model - Stanley Matthews


Most admired sportsperson - Pele


Other sports played - Table Tennis


Favourite meal - Fish n Chips 


Favourite drink - Tea


Favourite singer/group - Donald Fagen, Weather Report


If you could invite 3 people round for dinner who would it be

- Paul McCartney, Peter Cook, Richard Dawkins


Wanted to grow up to be - Pro Footballer, Jazz Sax Player


I'm frightened by - Open Water


Favourite movie - Kes


Favourite TV programme - Gadget Show, Coronation Street

Paul Vinton
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