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A few words about Uxbridge Amblers Football Club

For me, Uxbridge Amblers FC is all about promoting friendships and camaraderie among lads of a certain age with similar interests. This is clearly demonstrated on training nights by how well everybody gets on and how easily they fit in when the teams are divided out. It would be interesting to know how many handshakes take place on a Friday evening!!! In addition to playing the game, the Cricket Club is well attended afterwards for a few beers and a chat on the latest football stories with club rivalries put to one side. Also, club nights such as the quiz evenings and the Christmas Bash have all been very successful and have raised significant amounts of money for good causes. Although (regrettably) I didn’t go, the summer Brighton Bash seems to have been another success with everybody having a great time. Future events such as the weekend to Hereford and the trip to Italy are expected to be highlights of 2016, but I’m sure that these will be the first two of many exciting dates we can look forward to. For me, having played football regularly on Sunday mornings (not at a particularly high level) and five-a-side during weekday evenings, it was something that I missed more and more as the years passed by. When I hung my boots up in my mid-30s I expected that to be that. I did coach my son’s team for a couple of years in order to stay active and involved in the game, but assumed my competitive playing days were over. When I was asked to come down to the Amblerdome in July 2015, I didn’t think twice as I had previously noticed some fliers at Uxbridge Pool and had wondered what it was all about. What was pleasing to me at the time was the welcome I got and how easily it was to be accepted into the club. Playing walking football has enabled me to get and stay physically fit at a time when it would be all too easy to become a bit of a couch potato in front of the TV and also to have a new circle of what are becoming very good friends. The pace of walking football is a great leveller for us all and encourages the improvement of ball control, finding space early and moving the ball quickly. The respect that players have for each other is proved by those carrying aches and pains are given the time on the ball to stay involved and remain active. The club is so well run and coached it is no surprise that it has achieved the level of success that it has and that the membership remains so high, with attendances on Fridays by most, whatever the weather. Many players have commented how much they look forward to Fridays throughout the week. The FA Charter Standard is well deserved recognition of the hard work put in by all the committee members and players, not forgetting the support and facilities we get from the Uxbridge Cricket Club, over the last 18 months. The club website, along with it’s Facebook and Twitter accounts compare favourably with much bigger and more established clubs. The Amblers’ support to local charitable organisations, in particular, DASH will enable them to continue to help the community at a time when Local Authority budgets are being so drastically cut and putting such financial pressures on these organisations. Everyone involved in Uxbridge Amblers Football Club should be very proud of what the club has become and its standing in the local area. It is a positive addition to the Uxbridge Leisure Centre activities which also include Cricket, Swimming, Squash, Badminton and Bowls to name but a few. Nationally and Internationally the Silver Foxes are gaining a reputation which is the envy of other walking football clubs across Europe. Onward and Upward in 2016. ​Ken Wood - Ambler since August 2015. Life long Watford fan

Ken, Your blog makes great reading and makes me so pleased we decided to go ahead and form a Walking football club. When Mick and I first spoke about it (after a few beers) it was a little tongue in cheek but here we are a FA Chartered Club after 16 months of formation. Truly amazing. Achieving this has seen the committee fully backed by the members put into place various events and activities to bring the club into 'view' both locally and nationally. Social media has been a major plus in this development with our website professionally managed by Dave and Tom Ball as good as it gets. I am sure there are more positives on the horizon.

Mick Harvey - Feb 11 2016

I would like to endorse all of Ken's blog but would like to enhance his compliments by adding my thanks to the 4 Musketeers, Mick Geraghty - Mick Harvey - John Handell - Dave Ball who voluntarily give up their time and put an endless amount of energy to ensure we all enjoy what the Amblers Club offer

Harry Day - Feb 13 2016


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