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A View From The Chair


Fellow Amblers,
With Christmas days away it means we are approaching year 10 of the Uxbridge Amblers existence.
I cannot believe how successful the journey has been since Mick G. and I decided to set the wheels in motion (after a few beers in my garden it must be said) and we are now established as one of Country's most respected clubs. We should all be proud of this.
We continue to be very competitive in tournament play and as we decided back in 2014 continue to hold monthly events.
The committee play a huge part in making things flow smoothly and I can’t thank them enough for their efforts. Thank you Mick, John, Robbo and Ken.
Being based at the Uxbridge Sports Club has been a major success and the USC executive committee are fully aware that the two way relationship works extremely well.
Long may it continue.
The next social is on Friday 22nd December 7pm onwards in the main bar .
The next Quiz night is on Sunday 21st January so get studying.
All that is left to say is to wish all you Silver Foxes and your families a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Always remember NO RUNNING! 
Mickey H.


Another year nearing its end sees the Amblers continue to grow and earn respect in Walking Football circles.
This year 2022 has seen the Amblers become a FA accredited club, the first Walking Football Club to receive this honour. The award confirms that the club carries out all areas and aspects expected by Football’s governing body correctly and is a massive achievement, special thanks to Mick G for driving this project with help from the rest of the committee, who have been excellent once again making sure our high standards have been maintained and in my opinion improved as the FA award confirms.
We are regularly contacted by other clubs seeking advice on various subjects which confirms that we are well thought of.
We have had another good year in recruiting players and our weekly sessions have seen good numbers attending on a regular basis.
On the social front we have continued to hold an event on a monthly basis and these have been well supported.

I am very proud to be Chairman and fell very privileged to have such a loyal committee together with a great set of playing members.
I am sure 2023 will continue to see us advance both on and off the pitch and I will close by wishing you Amblers, family and friends a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Mickey H

JULY 2021

With life gradually turning back to something like normality  it has been great to see you all back at the ‘’Ambledome’’ enjoying yourselves both on Wednesday mornings and Friday evenings. The numbers playing at both sessions have been very pleasing and thanks once again to Mick for all his efforts in making sure things are all in place.
The recent Memorial Day went ahead and was enjoyed by all and maybe the day being in house rather than inviting other clubs is the way forward as it allowed more Amblers to take part.
This year as announced we are freezing the annual Amblers subscriptions and instead are asking you all to join the Uxbridge Sports Club as social or other section members.
The Sports  club is a huge part of how we have advanced since our foundation in 2014, allowing us to socialise and hold events which has helped us raise lots of money for our favoured charities. Please make sure you do join. The membership for all those who are not aware, allows you to park and enjoy a 15% discount on drinks at the bar.
Finally I know you’ll all agree with me in echoing has good it is to see fellow Ambler and hard working committee member Ken Wood being back on the scene and I am sure it will not be long before Ken is back playing.

Don’t forget NO RUNNING

Mick H. Chairman.


Fellow Amblers,

The Covid situation has meant we have reverted to using the Sports club to train, albeit in a different manner to the usual full on sessions. Mick G has been fantastic in coming up with various routines that have proved popular and meant we have been able to follow the strict social distancing rules.

We are hoping to return to the Astro pitches in the near future, but a big thank you goes out to the Sports club for letting us train on the grassed outfield.

We are looking for the Middlesex League to recommence in November initially with friendly games. The response from clubs have been very good and we can expect a very competitive league when it resumes. We are also looking to pencil in a date for our Memorial Day with teams coming from you Amblers. (Date to be announced).

The current strange times have not dented the Amblers spirit and as always the friendship amongst  you all has shone through. Long may it continue in what has seen us enter our seventh year. How time flies.

Cheers Lads,

Mick H. Chairman


Fellow Amblers,

With another year coming to a close, this year has been another great year although a sad one with the loss of two mates, namely Chris Tiretis and Tony Rispoli who will be sadly missed. RIP lads.

The club has come a long way since our first session back in September 2014.
My fellow committee members John Handell, Ken Wood and Mick Geraghty continue to work tirelessly to ensure we remain ahead of the field in Walking Football circles.

On the field we have again had a successful year with success in various tournaments which sees us well respected by our rival clubs. Mick G. has been behind this and his sessions have in my opinion led to a huge improvement in players standards, thank you Mick.
Off the field we have kept to our ‘’pledge’’of holding at least one social event a month and I call upon more of you to support these events as they are usually held to raise money for our preferred charities. We continue to reach and exceed our targets in Charity fund raising stakes
Summing up, another great year tinged with sadness. Onwards and upwards Amblers.
Merry Christmas to you all,
Mick H. Chairman




The year is coming to an end and it has been another pleasing year as far as the Amblers are concerned.
Healthy numbers on club nights, continued success in tournaments and well supported social events. All these reflect on my fellow committee members being very much hands on and all playing a huge part in our rapid development. I am proud to say we are recognised and admired across the Walking Football fraternity . We run things properly and long may it continue.
Regarding social events, late January we will be having another Curry night,February will see another Sunday Quiz night and hopefully March the return of the popular Swing and Soul night. The dates will be announced very shortly.
Club nights return on Friday 5th January with the new Wednesday daytime sessions starting on the 10th January 10.45 for 11am start, please support this new venture.
Finally I wish all you Amblers,family and friends a very Merry Christmas.

Cheers,Mick H. Chairman





We are fast approaching our third anniversary since the Uxbridge Amblers was formed and when I look back I am amazed and very proud of how far we as a humble walking football club have come. We have made friends across the country and also across the ocean and have enjoyed a huge amount of success in various tournaments. 

Our club nights under Mick Geraghty are always well attended and we can all see many players improving as time passes.

Socially we always said we would have an event each month and this has been the case which is very pleasing.

My fellow  committee members Mick Geraghty, Ken Wood and John Handell are all active and should be appreciated for their input,                         as should Dave and Tommy Ball for their excellent work compiling our first class website.

Also a huge thank you to Anne and the officials of the Sports club for making us very welcome, this is a two way plus for both parties and long may it continue.

In closing, may I ask you to keep your eyes on the website and listen on Fridays to take in forthcoming events. The September 16th Beano to Brighton is on the horizon, so get your places reserved asap.

Cheers and Remember NO RUNNING,

Mick Harvey,  Chairman.  

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