Coaches Reports 2021

JULY 2021

Hi Foxes ,


After 18 months of Covid restrictions we are now returning to playing Walking Football with caution. 

During the Pandemic we have followed the FA guidelines to playing football and all sessions have been well attended .

The session formats have gone through many stages to get us back to match play conditions.  I would like to thank all players for their enthusiasm when taking part in drills and phase of play practises when nothing else was allowed .From a coaching perspective I can see the benefits of those practices in the quality of play in sessions over the past few months. 


The Club also continued to engage with the FA  and  Middx FA throughout lockdown on sharing best practise with clubs nationally,  support Walking Football Referee's development and oversee the management of the Middx FA Walking Football league 21/22 season. 


Our continued drive to achieve the new FA Accreditation status has seen 8 members pass the FA Playmaker course ensuring we have qualified leaders at all sessions . We also have 10 FA qualified First Aiders ,again ensuring we have first aid cover at all sessions .


A growing number of clubs and competitions are adopting the 3 touch rule which we have used for the past 4 years. Clubs have seen the benefit of the rule with players development in touch ,distribution and movement and also a real reduction in contact all echoed in our weekly sessions. 

The one common theme across the country is the constant jogging and running by players . I share the frustration of Club leaders and coaches with the regular speed merchants . Maybe a Club VAR ,video a runner, could be a tool to be used to reduce running ? Although it's the players who need to look at themselves and make the changes in their style of play that will make the real difference. 


The other key difference with Walking Football compared to mainstream football is no contact . I have always seen defending to within a metre as an art and both individually and as a team and I see a marked improvement in this are of all members games. It's interesting to see in the Euros and in the Premier league players and teams defending by pressing to within a metre - my case rests !


Walking football has shown great growth this year nationally and we have seen enquiries to join increase. Both Wednesday and Friday sessions has seen new players resulting in our membership reaching  70 players . Any new player enquiries must now be by member request to Mick Harvey or myself .


I look forward to a successful 21/22 season with full  sessions , competitive League and friendlies and the our continued status as a Walking football club others follow.