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Predictor League History
Thanks to Dave Harvey for Updates

Week 1:

WP Cap Winner Uxbridge George!!

UL to wooden spoon winner Jen.

Week 2:

WP Uxbridge George Winner

Uxbridge George & Eve leading the way, like last season.

Big Jump from Pinesy66

Week 3:

WP Winner Bertie Bassetts Allsorts

Wooden spoon to Gary Stephen

Uxbridge George holds onto his lead...... JUST!

Week 4:

Uxbridge George JUST JUST hanging onto lead!!

Week 5:

Another BIG Win for Uxbridge George!

Wooden Spoon for last season's Champ, The Hitman

A Family Affair!

Uxbridge George & Eve lead the way.

Superhoop Mick, jumps up and leads the chasing Harvey's, and Bertie Bassett.

Week 6:

Bertie Bassett Allsorts, Harry D, wins in the week and Cap Guv'Nor Mick G gets the Wooden Spoon!!



Uxbridge George &  Eve still in charge!!

Come On You Whites!!!!!!

Week 7:

Mick H Superhoop Wins Round 7.

Scott gets wooden spoon!!



Uxbridge George Still holds a clear Lead, Mick Superhoop gains ground.

Week 8:

Uxbridge George wins AGAIN, he is UNSTOPPABLE!!

Hitman Second, Mick G & Uxbridge Eve third equal.


Uxbridge George extends a massive lead now!

Uxbridge Eve still second, what are they putting in their tea in that house?

Week 9:

Uxbridge George is on FIRE, wins again!!, Remarkable form!

Gaffer Mick Geraghty is second this week.


Not only is George running away with it this season, he is actually 11th out of over 21,000 players in whole UK!!

Gwan Ambler!!

Week 10:

Big Win for Harry Day!


Harry Day Jumps up between George & Eve!!

Week 11:

Big win for Ray Crook!


Unbelievable UXBRIDGE GEORGE!!

2nd /21,402 in UK, 10th/ 75,500 in whole World!!

Week 12:

Two Rounds finished this week

Round 12 won by Scott Grey, Mick G. Second

Week 13:

Round 13 won by 70th Birthday Boy Mick Harvey


George White way ahead, Big Jump for Mick Harvey

Week 14:

Big Win for Uxbridge George White AGAIN!!

Now 3rd in Whole UK!!


Ray Crook drops a tad after Nailing this rounds Wooden Spoon!!

Week 15:

Good win for Scott Grey


Due to Christmas and New Period, Leaderboard to be updated after Week 17

Week 16:

Another win for UxbridgeEve White


Due to Christmas and New Period, Leaderboard to be updated after Week 17

Week 17:

BIG WIN for Alan Pines!!


The Whites are Krushing still!!

Week 18:

Big Win for Alan Pines!


Eve is catching George, in the Whites' Battle!

Week 19:

Win & Cap for Mick Harvey!


George retains the lead at half time.

Week 20:

Big win for Sean McSweeney


Few are closing in on Leader George White.

Week 21:

George White back to top Form!


No changes to the leaderboard this week.

Week 22:

The Harvey's share the spoils!!

Week 23:

Mick Harvey on a great Run!!

Week 24:

Win for Ray 'Dirty Leeds' Crook.

Week 25:

Big win for The Hitman.


The Harveys have split the Whites!!

Week 27:

Week 28:

Week 29:

Week 30:

Win for Mick Harvey.

Week 31:

Hitman & Harry share the win.

Week 32:

Harry wins again!!

Week 33:

Win for Alan Pines.

Week 34:

Big win for The Hitman, Mick H makes ground, as the Harveys claw back the Whites!.


George White holds the lead, Mick Harvey is closing.

Week 35:

Win for Ray Crook

Week 36:

Win for Scott Mcsweeney!

Week 37:

Leaders slip a bit.

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