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Two touch is a right touch

The last 18 months has re-introduced me back to the coaching role with the over 50’s walking footballer and the young lads of the Disablement Association of Hillingdon after a break of 8 years. The concept of ball work, ball work and even more ball work is still alive and thriving across all ages and playing experience. Walking footballers playing 6v6 on a tight 20m x 30m playing area with various conditions based on the 2 touch game has developed players of various abilities both on and off the ball. The sessions in tight areas also has a real purpose regarding curbing running.The more space players have the more likely they are to run especially off the ball. When the game opens up onto a Competition 40m x 30m pitch the developed player/ team are now playing 2 touch even though the rules are open play. The key to a successful team is;

  • Move the ball quickly

  • Players pass and move into space to receive the ball back again

  • Keep the ball, don’t be afraid to play backwards to go forward

  • All players off the ball should think 2 passes ahead and create space for that pass

  • Wherever possible receive the ball with an open body and get the ball out of your feet

  • Players be confident, relaxed and positive both on and off

  • Clear, concise and positive communication given throughout the team

  • Win the ball back as quickly as possible and start all over again

  • Finally enjoy the game individually and as a Team

Walking Football, like all styles of our Beautiful Game, when played well and with purpose is a great game to play and watch so whether your 50 or 70 years of age the ‘Right Touch is most definitely 2 Touch’ Mick G - aka W12Boy. UEFA B Licence Coach. Life long QPR supporter and Grandad

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