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The Competitive Edge

Players of all ages want to play competitively and walking footballers at 50, 60 or indeed 70 years of age are no exception.

Club nights are a mix of playing abilities and expectations.

Although no two nights are the same, mixed groups and games comprising of similar standard players are purposely chosen to improve the ability all players.

Eighteen months ago the session resembled an under 8’s game without any structure, totally different to the sessions we now enjoy.

An important part of any football club is to play and compete against other clubs.

Over the last twelve months over thirty players have represented Uxbridge Amblers, in both friendlies and tournaments, with great success.

The “tournament squad” was initially based on the best-balanced group, as a group they have continued to develop into a very skilled and cohesive attacking and defensive team.

This progression has been through hard work every Friday night.

More players can now be introduced to tournament football, without the clubs style of play being compromised – the Italian result being a good example.

Football is about opinion and members will always have their own view, “who should be selected?” this is healthy debate, which should never stop!

However, when the club can only enter one team into a major tournament, the best-balanced squad available will always be the process followed, even if the nucleus is the same group of players.

The club has been developed to be fully inclusive, where the members are concerned, no player has nor ever will be “pigeon holed” in anyway.

When a member is selected, they are fully supported by the club both to do well individually and as a team.

The Uxbridge Amblers are known nationally as a competitive club, that play walking football to a high standard – a standard that others want to follow, a huge compliment to all our members after eighteen months of two touch Fridays.

Mick Geraghty - aka W12Boy. UEFA B Licence Coach. Life long QPR supporter and Grandad

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