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Children's story books

About a year ago when in Cyprus, my friend Sue who is an established artist showed me some illustrations she had drawn for a children's book. This sparked off my imagination and influenced by the beautiful environment that Sue lives in I soon came up with my first story. It's influenced by Sue's three cats that live with her and one in particular called George who is very mischievous. That one story has developed into 10 now and after reading the first one to my grandson's school class it encouraged me to put it to print. In the meantime the illustrations for Sue's original book got shelved. She produced some twenty plus drawings that did not have a story as the author never produced. I wrote my own storyline to this set of wonderful drawings and the result was A LETTER TO GRANDPA. Sue's cats THE BAMBOO RIVER is very different and for a slightly older age group. Ultimately I would like to publish all of my stories but it's difficult and expensive to publish with coloured illustrations. My friend Dave Ball suggested that I get them printed myself and that is the route I am taking. I am producing them myself and aim to sell via friends and family with an aim to help raise some money for an Amblers sponsored charity. Thanks to my grandchildren and Sue Harding for their inspiration

Pete Dean - "Deano", interest in sports related injuries, Grandad and children's book writer

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